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Instagram Downloader Features

INDownloader, which is short for Instagram Downloader, is a quick and efficient tool designed for Instagram users who want to grab high-quality content in seconds. When it comes to getting media from Instagram, using a third-party tool like INDownloader is the best choice.

At, we offers a variety of tools to download Instagram content for free. Listed below are all the tools that we offer to help you download Instagram to MP4, Insta reels downloader, download Instagram Pictures, View Insta DP, and more.

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram video downloader

Our Instagram video downloader is the perfect solution for you. Using our online tool, you can easily save Instagram videos by simply pasting the Instagram link into our downloader. Whether you're searching for an Instagram video download online or want to save from Instagram, our Instagram video download service offers a seamless and efficient experience.

Instagram Picture Downloader

Instagram picture downloader

Our Instagram picture downloader offers a quick and easy way to save those memorable moments from your feed. Whether it's downloading Instagram photos or saving IG posts, our platform has you covered. With our user-friendly DownloadGram service, you can effortlessly access and download Instagram pictures and posts in high quality.

Instagram Profile Downloader

Instagram profile downloader

Download Instagram profiles fast with our Instagram profile downloader. IGDownloader provides a seamless solution for anyone looking to save and explore Instagram profiles. Whether you need to download an IG profile for work or personal use, we've got you covered. Our Instagram profile download service simplifies the process, allowing you to access and save Instagram profiles with only a few clicks.

Instagram Profile Picture Downloader

Instagram profile picture downloader

Our Instagram profile picture download tool makes it a breeze to access Instagram DP (Display Pictures). With our user-friendly online service, you can easily explore and save Instagram profile picture in high quality. Whether you're searching to view someones Instagram profile picture in zoomed in, or need to download their Insta DP, our platform offers a quick and easy to use experience.

Instagram Profile Viewer

Instagram profile viewer

Are you looking to browse someone's Instagram profile without an account? Not to worry, because our Instagram profile viewer lets you view Instagram posts from any public Instagram account. Use our web-based Instagram viewer to access your favorite influencer's Instagram page without needing to be logged in.

Instagram IGTV Downloader

Instagram IGTV downloader

Our platform is your one-stop destination for hassle-free IGTV video downloads. Whether you're interested in igtv video download for offline viewing or want to save Instagram IGTV content for later, we've got you covered. Our Instagram IGTV download service simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly access and enjoy your favorite IGTV videos anytime and for free.

Instagram Reels Video Downloader

Instagram reels downloader

Our Instagram reels video downloader is the ultimate solution for quickly and securely saving your favorite Instagram reel videos. Whether you want to download Instagram reels for personal use or share them with friends, our insta reel downloader offers a seamless and efficient experience across any device.

Instagram Private Downloader

Instagram private downloader

Our private Instagram downloader is the go-to solution for discreetly saving those exclusive moments from private accounts. Whether you need to download private Instagram videos or photos for offline use, we have the tools you need. Our Instagram private downloader respects your privacy while making it easy to download and enjoy private Instagram content.

Instagram Audio Downloader

Instagram audio downloader

Our IG audio downloader is a convenient online tool that allows you to extract the audio from any Instagram video as an MP3 audio file. You can use our audio downloader for Instagram on your smartphone, PC, or tablet without needing any software subscriptions. It's free to use and unlimited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IG Downloader?

IG Downloader is an Instagram Downloader that provides unlimited access to a wide range of tools for downloading content from Instagram. Using you can download Instagram videos, photos, reels, display pictures, and IGTV all from use easy to use interface. Say goodbye to the hassle of saving Instagram content – IGDownloader makes it easy.

How can I download Instagram photos and videos?

Follow the four steps below to download Instagram video, reels, and photos to your device.

  • Open the Instagram website and scroll through your feed till you find the post you want to download.
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner or the post and copy the post link.
  • Open the Instagram Downloader page and paste the link into the box and hit enter.
  • Click on the download button to save the content to your device.

Do I need and Instagram account?

No, you do not need an Instagram account to download Instagram content using IGDownloader.

Can I download private Instagram posts?

Yes, you can download private Instagram posts, but you will need to use our private Instagram downloader. Follow the steps on the page and start saving private photos, videos and reels to your smartphone.

Which devices does IG Downloader support?

Our tools can be accessed from a wide array of devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, and personal computers. IGDownloader is also fully compatible with various operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Linux.

What can you save from Instagram? offers a comprehensive range of Instagram content download tools, including an Instagram photo downloader, InstaDP downloader and viewer, Insta reels downloader, profile downloader, DownloadGram, and Instagram video downloader.