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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram profile picture downloader?

The Instagram profile picture by default is small, and there's no built-in way to view it at large. Using our Instagram profile picture downloader tool, you can zoom in, view and download anyone's Instagram display picture in full size 1080p resolution online.

How to use the IG profile picture downloader?

Downloading and viewing Instagram profile pictures is easy using IGDownloader. To get started, follow the few steps outlined below.

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone and copy the username from the user's bio.
  • Head over to the Instagram profile picture downloader and paste the username into the input box provided.
  • Hit the enter button and wait for the full high-resolution profile photo to display.
  • Click the download button to save the Instagram display picture to your device.

After our Instagram PFP downloader finishes, you can view your full size display image on your device. You can repeat the steps for any of the IG profile pics you wish to download.

Does it work on private accounts?

Yes, our Instagram profile picture viewer also works for viewing and downloading images from private Instagram accounts. If you want to download other private content off Instagram, we recommend you try our Instagram private downloader for private photos, Reels, and videos.

Is using IG profile picture downloader legal?

Yes, our Instagram DP download tool is 100% legal and safe so long as you use the profile image for personal use. If you repurpose the photo or try to make money from the photo, you could be breaking copyright laws.

Does the download cost anything?

No, IGDownloader's profile picture downloader doesn't cost anything to use. It's totally free for anyone, and there's no registration or software download required.

Can I view someone's InstaDP?

Yes, our tool is also designed as an Instagram profile picture viewer. After typing in a person's username, you can use our InstaDP viewer to see and download their Instagram profile pic in full original size (1080p), private Insta profiles too.